Who Is Biden’s VP pick?

It is now almost a certainty, in my opinion, that Joe Biden will acquire enough delegates to become the democratic nominee. So who is going to be his running mate? Someone has to be on the ballot as Vice President so I will speculate on the likely and unlikely options with the assumption that Biden … More

Joe’s Super Tuesday

I must say. Joe looks good after yesterday’s voting. Sleepy, creepy Joe may have already delivered a punch to secure the nomination. Bernie did well, but not enough. Bloomberg and Warren were able to strip away enough votes in California to make Bernie look weak. California is the nation’s liberal/socialist hub, but a large amount … More

College Education Dilution

The belief of obtaining a college bachelor degree to land a solid career is turning into a form of folk lore. The baby boomers told us we need college education to be one-step ahead of everyone else. A bachelor’s degree will get you the promotions, the bonuses, the retirement, they said. Look at this very … More


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