Millennials Could Capitalize On Coronavirus Recession

Fool me once, shame on me; fool me twice, shame on the boomers. The coronavirus is chaperoning recession 2.0 for everyone to enjoy. Millennials started coming into the work force during the housing crisis of 2008, and now, in their prime working age, will likely have to deal with the coronavirus crisis of 2020 and … More

Stock Market – Worst Crash Since 2008

We are closing in on another record-breaking sell-off. DJIA is taking another 1,000-point+ hit for the 2nd time this week. Is the Coronavirus finally something we should be concerned about? Or, is this still an overreaction? I keep hearing this is nothing to worry about and the ordinary flu has a higher fatality rate, but … More

Dow Recovers, Coronavirus Lingers

Markets are recovering after a bloody beginning to the week. Suffering back-to-back 1,000-point drops on Monday and Tuesday respectively. The DJIA currently sits at +300 (+1.14%) before lunch. Coronavirus is still on the rise as France reports their first death from the virus. Brazil logged its first confirmed case and South Korea increased total number … More

Markets Enter 2nd Day Of Life Support

The Dow Jones Industrial Average is bleeding heavily for the second day in a row on fears of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). I wrote in previous articles that in similar situations like this, the stock market would lightly continue red the following day of the initial crash and then continue on recovery after that. This sell-off … More

Dow Continues To Slide

The selloff is continuing and the DOW is currently down roughly 300 points or about 1%. Yesterday, I posted an article about market scares like this one that happened in the past. If history repeats itself, we will have another red day on the DOW today, and tomorrow will start the recovery. The only reason … More

3rd Worst Market Sell-off In History

It’s official, today marks the 3rd worst day in stock market history at −1,031.61 (3.56%) on the day. The initial fears at the opening bell are still lingering strong with futures already continuing the trend downwards. According to history, on days like these, the stock market tends to continue further down the following day, albeit … More


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