Guidance Glance: Top 30 WR Expectations

Top 30 WR’s for Half-point per reception scoring listed below in order by average draft position according to Use this for a quick guidance reference before diving into the draft. Buy low, sell high, find value in your draft! 

Ratings defined –

Over Perform: Expected to produce more points than the “experts” are currently projecting. Perform: Expected to produce around the same amount of points projected by the “experts”. Underperform: Expect to produce fewer points than projected by “experts”.

Strong Buy: Great value for the price projected by the “experts”.

Buy: Seek to buy/draft this player in your 2020 draft.

Hold: Seek to buy/draft this player cautiously, search for good value in later rounds or lower auction price. Hold in keeper leagues.

Sell: Avoid these players in your draft, unless very cheap. Sell in keeper leagues to find better value elsewhere.

Listed below in blocks of 10, performance and buy ratings for the current top 30 WR’s:

1. Michael Thomas (NO) : Perform, Buy

2. Davante Adams (GB): Perform, Hold

3. Tyreek Hill (KC): Over Perform, Strong Buy

4. DeAndre Hopkins (ARI): Over Perform, Strong Buy

5. Julio Jones (ATL): Perform, Hold

6. Chris Godwin (TB): Underperform, Sell

7. Kenny Golladay (DET): Perform, Hold

8. Mike Evans (TB): Perform, Buy

9. Allen Robinson (CHI): Perform, Buy

10. Amari Cooper (DAL): Perform, Hold 

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