Early List: 10 Draftable TE’s

The tight end position is notoriously difficult to find consistency. A unique roster spot that is extremely tough to fill with good value. Mistakes at this position could lead to disaster. Be careful not to overpay for these players, as most TE’s are routinely spotty with their average points per week. Search for value and replace quickly. Here is my list of tight ends you should be on the lookout for, or seek, in your upcoming draft.

1. Travis Kelce

Kelce is best in slot for the TE position. Can’t get any better than this. Though he won’t be cheap. A consistent end zone target from the best QB in the league means a whole lotta points. Kelce is worthy of a third round pick with substantial value any later. You could argue he’s a late second round choice, as he will outscore many WR’s. Take him and roster him for the year.

Auction Max: 18% of budget.

2. George Kittle

The only contender to Kelce. Kittle is a monster, no doubt. Likely could have taken the #1 overall TE last year if it weren’t for some injuries. Lets not forget the 49ers almost won the Super Bowl last year. This team is clean & Jimmy G can throw a football. Like Kelce, draft Kittle early in third and roster with no regrets.

Auction Max: 15% of budget.

3. Zach Ertz

Your third option is Zach Ertz. Carson Wentz loves this dude. And for good reason. He’s a target magnet that catches balls. I expect Ertz to finish in the top 5 for tight ends at worst, with a potential to be a league winner. He has the size, the talent, the experience, and a QB that loves to throw his way. There could be some real value here. Look to draft Ertz in the fourth round, with good value in the fifth.

Auction Max: 12% of budget.

4. Mark Andrews

Now that we know what Lamar Jackson is capable of, you should have confidence drafting Mark Andrews. The up-and-comer is onboard a rocket ship of a team. Unless we see steep regression from Lamar Jackson, expect Andrews to rack up the fantasy points this year. Though, in this case, Jackson’s running game (best among NFL QBs) isn’t something you necessarily enjoy with Andrews rostered. Draft Andrews in the fifth for great value.

Auction Max: 10% of budget.

5. Darren Waller

Waller is a WR masquerading as a TE. At least that’s what it seemed like last year. I like Waller and find great value in him. Netting 117 targets with a monstrous 77% completion rate last year. Confidently take Waller in the sixth round and expect WR targets and numbers.

Auction Max: 9% of budget.

6. **********

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Auction Max: 7% of budget.

7. **********

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Auction Max: 5% of budget.

8. **********

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Auction Max: 5-10% of budget.

9. **********

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Auction Max: 5% of budget.

10. **********

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Auction Max: 4% of budget.

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