Early List: 8 Core RB’s for Your Fantasy Football Draft

1. Christian McCaffrey

No doubt in my mind, this is the clear cut #1 choice. If you are first up in the draft, this is an easy decision. Take McCaffrey and don’t think twice. This dude is a literal monster. Talent, size, and volume. There is no better option. Even without Cam.

Auction Max: 40% of budget

2. Saquon Barkley

Next off the board should be Saquon. The Giants have gone through hell the last couple of seasons. If they can show even the slightest sign of competence, Saquon could prove even better than McCaffrey. Though, the Giants foray is still hard to judge, I’d take Saquon #2 overall with confidence.

Auction Max: 35-40% of budget

3. Ezekiel Elliot

Zeek is a tank. An absolute bruiser that can average 20+ touches every Sunday with great talent to boot. Stronger in standard leagues, he still has value in PPR. With that offense & O-line, he’s guaranteed to net you tons of points with a very high floor. Worthy of a 1st round pick.

Auction Max: 34% of budget

4. Alvin Kamara

Downgraded for standard scoring leagues. Upgraded for PPR. Alvin Kamara is the current day Leveon Bell, but faster. With Drew Brees locked in for another season, Kamara would be, yet again, an amazing addition to your team and an absolute deserving of a first round snag.

Auction Max: 30% of budget, 33% in PPR

5. **********

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Auction Max: 27% of budget.

6. **********

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Auction Max: 30% of Standard Scoring Budget, 25% in PPR.

7. **********

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Auction Max: 25% of budget

8. **********

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Auction Max: 22% of budget

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