Quarantine, Code Word for Self-Improvement

Photo by Andrew Heald on Unsplash

From my experience so far, there’s little upside to a nationwide lockdown. Businesses are shuttered or partly open for pickup only. Retail entertainment and dining is completely nonexistent. The gyms are closed. Leaving us with GrubHub and Netflix to provide everything that we desire, including the looming thought that this is slowly becoming the new norm. The only positive coming from the virus lockdown, or quarantine, is opportunity. This is quite possibly the best time to focus on yourself. At least that’s what I’ve been trying to do. Since the lockdown began, I have started a strict diet with regular exercise, which is just a few brisk walks a day since all the gyms are closed, resulting in a net loss of 25 pounds in just two months. Re-focused my spending habits, budget, and started to save more money instead of spending most of the extra cash on casual dining or beer drinking. I couldn’t do any of that if I tried anyways. I have started to read more books (finished two so far), which has been great for my mental health. Hell, I may even purchase a bicycle to pedal around town for some extra exercise and sunlight. I feel like waiting around for the lockdowns to end and then resuming your normal endeavors would be a terrible waste of time and opportunity. With no options to do anything in the present, why not focus on yourself, and your future self? While social media/youtube can seem like an absolute crap-fest of content, especially now, there is tons of hidden golden advice and guides for self-help or improvement. Diets and the like. New hobbies you never knew you had an interest in could be discovered right here and now while you have no choice but to find entertainment on your own. Maybe even start your own blog or podcast, youtube channel or pinterest page. Letting the time pass without any change or progress is draining. Utilize the extra time, the limited options, and indulge yourself in areas you likely were never going to before the dreaded “quarantine” or “social distancing” Grinch came into our lives.

As for my blog? I suppose I should get back to creating content. I have left this project alone during this time, collecting dust. I find it difficult to write about interesting topics when the main story for the last two or three months has been the, “you know what” virus. However, now, it seems like that’s just an excuse I’ve been using to be lazy. Which I often aggressively advise others not to do (invent excuses). I shall heed my own advice, and include my side projects/business into my model for self-improvement. We all have the opportunity, now, to come out of the lockdown better and stronger than we were before it began. It starts in your own head, to acquire the motivation to make the best of a tough situation. I wish you all the best. Stay safe, stay smart, stay active, stay alive.

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