Corona Exhaustion

It’s been a wild ride as everything has been put on hold for the Coronavirus. I haven’t even been able, or willing, to produce content considering everything is drowned out by the noise of corona news. It got me thinking about how exhausting this virus scare is. Being stuck isolated, I thought, would be awesome. I’m introverted and don’t care to necessarily be out and about with crowds but once the availability of having that option goes away, all you’re left with is just… nothing. Now everyone is wearing face masks which, from what I have read, does nothing. Shopping at grocery stores or general outlets like Walmart or Target has become cumbersome having to wait for the poor minimum wage workers to clean the register and table after every single transaction. As if that’s going to stop anything besides us from getting on with our day. Businesses are shut down, like, a lot of them. Can’t go out to eat, can’t go out to drink, can’t even go to the damn park. One thing is clear to me; this country, and perhaps this world, was radically unprepared for something of this magnitude. Will this change the future? Yes. How? I have no idea. I just hope it ends soon. As it appears for now, the idea of curing the virus through the means of isolation is a bubble. The longer we stay isolated, the worse it will become. This needs to end. Politicians need to have plans that don’t include “everyone stay home & lock the door”. Time will tell how this strategy plays out. I fear for every month of lockdown, we will suffer something like 6 months of future pain. How much debt will our leaders make us take on? How long can you wait it out, personally? Stay safe.

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