Who Is Biden’s VP pick?

It is now almost a certainty, in my opinion, that Joe Biden will acquire enough delegates to become the democratic nominee. So who is going to be his running mate? Someone has to be on the ballot as Vice President so I will speculate on the likely and unlikely options with the assumption that Biden beats out Bernie for the nomination:

Bernie Sanders.

There is almost zero chance Biden will be choosing Bernie Sanders for VP. The super delegates and party insiders already hate him and they are actively trying to destroy him. They know he cannot win a general election and would likely hurt their chances at getting the moderate democrats to vote if Bernie is on the ticket in any way. Biden is the establishment candidate, which means bad news for Bernie. My Bernie Sanders for Vice President Odds: 1:100.

Elizabeth Warren

Now that Pocahontas has dropped out and Biden has already stated he would like to have a woman VP, I would say Warren has a much better shot. Democrats are going to want some diversity on the ticket. They are going to want a woman or a person of color to be Vice President. I would actually be shocked if that were not the case. Warren does has some influence and some delegates, and most importantly, she is a woman. My Elizabeth Warren for Vice President Odds: 1:10.

Hillary Clinton

I have always speculated that Joe Biden would win the nomination and take Hillary as running mate. She would be perfect for him. She is experienced, pro-establishment, and of course, a woman. Not to mention she was already a presidential nominee just last election. There is no question that she is capable of getting votes. She actually got more votes than Donald Trump did in the 2016 general election. I am sure they have been in contact with each other throughout this campaign already. She is very much engrained into the political system whether we like it or not and is a huge political figure. My Hillary Clinton for Vice President Odds: 1:5.

Mike Bloomberg

I am including Bloomberg here for one reason. His bankroll. If the democrats are convinced they will not be able to raise enough money for a campaign that has a chance of stopping Donald Trump, they may consider Bloomberg just for that. Mini Mike could easily bankroll the entire campaign. Hillary Clinton spent somewhere around 1.3 billion dollars campaigning in 2016. Bloomberg is worth upwards of 50 billion, so that would not be a problem for him. Unfortunately, he is only a former mayor, and even more unfortunately, a white man. My Mike Bloomberg for Vice President Odds: 1:35.

Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris is a decent option. She is an experience senator and former district attorney. Most importantly, she is a relatively young woman, and person of color. This is what the democrats are looking for. They always want to play identity politics and she fits the bill perfectly. The only problem is she and Biden had some ugly back and fourths on the debate stage, which likely Biden will not forgive. My Kamala Harris for Vice President Odds: 1:15.

Pete Buttigieg

Pete seemed to have called off his run and endorsed Joe almost immediately after. I think Pete and Joe get along and maybe had some deals made during the primary process. Pete would not be a terrible option. He is very young, which would contrast Joe’s old age. He is a white man, but a gay white man, which means he is diverse enough to be considered, and a literal member of the LGBT community. His inexperience will hurt him, however. Which is why I do not think he will be offered the VP spot. My Pete Buttigieg for Vice President Odds: 1:50.

Nancy Pelosi

Nancy meets the requirements. She is respected amongst the democrats (for reasons I do not understand) and very popular. She is the current speaker of the house so she has the experience, and she is a woman. We know how much democrats love pushing diversity, so she would be a good fit. They may want her to continue being speaker, and I am not sure how well she and Biden get along. However, she would be a decent choice none-the-less. My Nancy Pelosi for Vice President Odds: 1:20.

Any other woman

All of these candidates are terrible, really. They are all a bunch of losers that could not even beat Joe Biden. Minus Hillary Clinton & Nancy Pelosi. It will be interesting to find out whom Joe will choose to run with. I am assuming he will pick poorly, considering how terrible he is on the campaign trail. I think his best bet is Elizabeth Warren or Hillary Clinton. However, since all of these options suck, anyone else would probably be a better fit. Most likely a woman of color. My Any Other Woman for Vice President Odds: 1:3.

Leave a comment; let me know what your predictions are!

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