Joe’s Super Tuesday

I must say. Joe looks good after yesterday’s voting. Sleepy, creepy Joe may have already delivered a punch to secure the nomination. Bernie did well, but not enough. Bloomberg and Warren were able to strip away enough votes in California to make Bernie look weak. California is the nation’s liberal/socialist hub, but a large amount of voters turned to Biden. As the pundits and candidates have said, this is now a 2 person race. Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden are the only viable candidates at this point. Which likely means there will not be the contested convention that I had hoped for. A 2 person race this early in the contest means someone will get a plurality over 50% of the delegates and take the nomination outright.

The hopes of a contested convention are now slim, but Bernie may have a legitimate chance. This is his only chance. The super delegates won’t let him win in a contested convention. So, all he has to do is beat Joe Biden. Since it’s a 2 person race, Bernie could win the nomination by hitting 1,991 delegates. No simple task, but comparing the delegate count, Bernie is only 65 delegates behind Joe.

Sadly, Bernie doesn’t have many friends in Washington, and right now he needs friends. He is going to have to somehow beat the establishment and entire democrat party that is now coalescing behind big Joe.

I think it’s safe to say that Bernie’s push for “democratic socialism” has failed. Voters don’t want it. They (for some reason) want Joe. I’m going to predict this nomination process will be over long before their convention in July. Joe Biden will easily go on to collect the 1,991 required delegates to win the nomination. He will then go on to lose to Donald Trump in the general election.

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