CDC Warns, “This could be bad”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, or CDC, advises, “…in general we are asking the American public to work with us to prepare in the expectation that this could be bad”. The source is listed below of exact media release from the CDC. 

If all the hype and concerns aren’t bothering you yet, this one should. The leading national public health institute of the entire U.S. is now warning that this virus “could be bad”. To me, this means two things. 1. This virus is no joke. 2. They don’t know how to stop it. If this really were not much of a concern, we would be hearing the CDC reflect that, or at least lie about it. However, here we have a national organization warning us it could be bad. 

Here are the latest updates on new outbreaks (source:

–          1 new case in the U.S.

–          First death reported in France.

–          First case reported in Brazil.

–          China shows a decline in cases for mainland but adds 52 deaths.

–          South Korea adds 284 cases.

Stay safe.

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