Markets Enter 2nd Day Of Life Support

The Dow Jones Industrial Average is bleeding heavily for the second day in a row on fears of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). I wrote in previous articles that in similar situations like this, the stock market would lightly continue red the following day of the initial crash and then continue on recovery after that. This sell-off appears to be just as strong as the first. The markets close in 30 minutes and we are currently at -866.49 (3.1%) as I am writing this. Yesterday we closed at about -1,000. Investors should be weary going into tomorrow’s trading day because we are only in the early stages of this virus. It could spread at a meteoric pace. It is almost a certainty that the numbers reported about the amount infected are incorrect and likely much lower than the real amount of cases. China is still hiding active cases and changing the definition of who is infected and who is not. I am actively following the market and actively involved. Luckily, I am a bearish already. Follow my blog for updates on the Coronavirus and the stock market. Now is the time to get prepared if you haven’t already. Good luck fellow investors.

The real question is; where can I buy shares of the Coronavirus? This chart is looking juicy.

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