Dow Continues To Slide

The selloff is continuing and the DOW is currently down roughly 300 points or about 1%. Yesterday, I posted an article about market scares like this one that happened in the past. If history repeats itself, we will have another red day on the DOW today, and tomorrow will start the recovery. The only reason this could spiral out of control is if the Coronavirus begins to tear through Europe at an unprecedented pace. It does not seem like that is the case. Fears of this virus seem to be generally low and now it has been priced in to the market. Some companies, such as Apple, have already stated that there could be issues directly caused by the virus as the shipping/manufacturing in China is under heavy stress while they try to quarantine the virus. It seems like the big scare is finished. Now may be the time to start looking at potential buying opportunities. The market does always recover; at least it always has eventually. Good luck out there boomers. Stay smart.

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