Farewell Kobe

Millennials, Boomers, Gen X, and even the Zoomers join today to say farewell to a legend. Kobe Bryant was a super star. Today was the farewell event at the Staples Center to bid goodbye and remember the greatness that was Kobe Bryant. His death will be remembered for as long as I live. Almost a month ago on January 26th the world was shocked to the news of the helicopter carrying him and his daughter, along with others, crashed into a mountainside in California.

I remember growing up always trying to imitate Kobe, we all were. He was the best and we wanted to shoot threes and dunk just as he did. The guy was relentless. He never backed down or showed fear to anyone on the court. He set records and records, won championships, and despite some controversy, an all-around great. Father of four daughters, this man was a winner. 

It’s a tragedy what happened. The event at the staples center was beautiful and truly did remember him the best it could. It’s not often a legend such as Kobe Bryant gets taken away from this world in such a fashion. Far too early. He was just getting started and as said by many to be even greater at the things he was doing off the court than the things he was doing on it. 

I just wanted to post an article saying goodbye to one of my childhood idols.

Goodbye Kobe Bryant. Rest in peace.

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Source: https://www.cnn.com/2020/02/23/us/kobe-bryant-memorial-service/index.html

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