3rd Worst Market Sell-off In History

It’s official, today marks the 3rd worst day in stock market history at −1,031.61 (3.56%) on the day. The initial fears at the opening bell are still lingering strong with futures already continuing the trend downwards. According to history, on days like these, the stock market tends to continue further down the following day, albeit not as intense After the second day of decline the markets generally begin the rebound and continue on to success. However, considering we are in the early stages of this outbreak, there could be more rough days to come.

I will be monitoring the stock market closely, as I always do, since I am involved to a minor extent and the stock market is a great tool for gauging American consumer confidence. If this virus outbreak continues to get more and more out of hand, we are going to see the stock market do crazy things. We already are. It’s fascinating to watch and I love being a part of it. Smart investors, gamblers and day traders will have an opportunity to make some serious cash. Or, lose it. With volatility comes opportunity. Be careful out there and never trade more than you are willing to lose. Be on the lookout for more articles about the stock market from me as we enter these fun times ahead. Subscribe for free right on my homepage. https://www.millennialboomer.com

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