Boomers Hate Weed

Why did boomers brainwash us that weed is the most dangerous plant on the earth? Remember the D.A.R.E. Program? Where the police would come into your middle school and bring the K9 attack dogs in to basically tell us that weed is the “gateway” drug to cocaine and murder. How ridiculous was that? But effective. Marijuana is still a schedule 1 drug, on the same level as heroin and ecstasy. It’s just now in 2020 that we are seeing a mass rejection of the ridiculous DARE program that brainwashed all of us young millennials. Now there is multiple states in the U.S. where marijuana is legal to smoke and even legal to grow in some cases. As it should be. DARE worked to a certain extent. But faulty logic is what drove it. Marijuana is useful for tons of things, not just smoking it. And even if you do smoke it. Nobody cares. It took 30 years for everyone to realize the DARE program was a farce. Again, boomers have mistakenly led millennials down the wrong path. Imagine all of the tax dollars in revenue from legal weed we could have collected and used for better school. Imagine all the tax dollars saved by not having people thrown in jail for smoking a joint.. The DARE program costed millennials and boomers more than just revenue. They stained marijuana for years. Eventually I believe it will be legalized nationwide. Probably not sooner than later though. Boomers will have to die off or be replaced in politics to move the needle on nationwide legal weed. Until then, 420 blaze it.


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