Boomers Vote To Acquit Trump

Thank god this debacle has come to a close. Our trusty baby boomer politicians have finally come to the conclusion that President Trump is not guilty and shan’t be removed from office. Millennials have had the opportunity over the last 3 years to witness an absolute assault on our constitution. It’s not often that a President get impeached, though with this recent stunt, it may become a regular occurrence to use impeachment as the weapon versus a president you simply don’t like. Not sure how long boomers are going to run politics. They’re terrible at it. Especially right now. Mainly the Democrats, they’ve lost their minds. Nobody won off this. Nobody besides the sitting president. A complete waste of time. This will sure be a boring one that millennials will be able to tell their children about. At least Bill Clinton was charged with an actual crime. This was a clown show and I am actually embarrassed for Democrats. They weren’t this bad with Obama in office or before then. I fear it will get worse. God bless President Trump.

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