9/11 Changed The Millennial

September 11th changed everything, but I’m going to talk about the millennials since I have a first hand experience. Sitting in math class, barely awake. I can remember what the room looked like, the general area of where I sat. I remember the principal announcing on the intercom, instructing the teachers to turn on the big bubble TV in the classrooms. And we watched. I didn’t really understand it that well at the time. Being a 7th grade boy, whatever happening in New York is hardly any of my concern. Something about seeing those buildings fall. Knowing that it was our country. I’ve never been to New York but I knew where and what it was. I felt a little violated, I suppose. But being that young I didn’t really understand the severity of what was going on. Many millennials have similar stories, and it’s fascinating to me. This event undoubtedly changed everything. Millennials barely got a chance to really experience life before 9/11. We mostly grew up in a world post 9/11, filled with war, terrorism, and the patriot act. Hell, many millennials would go on to serve in the military and actually fight in these wars stemmed from this very attack. I often wonder what life would be like today if those towers never collapsed. If those planes never hit those buildings. Would anything be different? Would there still be wars and terrorism? Would there still be a patriot act? I don’t know. It just happened to kick off at a very interesting time, right as the millennials were in their teens. And it feels like ever since that moment, it’s been different.

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